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Increase Your Chances to Win 480% Every Month!
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The Lottery Alliance helps lotto players increase their chances to win big money prizes by teaming people, together, who pool their funds to provide more chances for the entire TEAM to win more jackpots and share smaller prizes.

With just a $50 monthly subscription, you get at least $240 worth of chances in the three biggest jackpot games in North America - Lotto Max, Mega Millions and Powerball. Plus, you can offset the entire cost of your monthly lotto play by introducing just five players to this SMART Way to PLAY.
Life is a Numbers Game... Don't Play to Win... PLAN to Win!
Playing with a group of enthusiastic, positive-minded lotto players is the SMART WAY to PLAY. The players in the Lottery Alliance are optimistic - the kind of people with whom you like to hang. When your TEAM wins a  jackpot, you can imagine the kind of celebration and partying that will take place.

As a Player Affiliate, you have $240 worth of chances to win every month. Those multiple chances play five times every week in the biggest jackpot games in N America - Powerball, Mega Millions and Lotto Max.

Plus, you can completely offset your monthly cost for your lottery play by referring other players to this group play system. You earn a recurring $10 per month for every referral who subscribes to the TEAM Management Software. And, when your referral gets others to play, you earn an additional $5 per month when they subscribe and you earn those referral override commissions for as long as those members stay in the game... Welcome to the TEAM.

The Lottery Alliance

Creates Monthly Winners

Subscribers to Lottery Alliance contribute funds to a group play arrangement similar to an office pool, except that they are always in the game.

As a matter of fact, players are in three games every week and you have to be "In It to Win It."

There is no long-term contract or commitment to play. Join for a month, a year, or play until your TEAM hits the Big One.